Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let's Get Personal :: Emotions are Like Sperm

Chocolate chip muffins and chai tea. Heather was not only feeding me food in her gorgeous beachy themed kitchen, my fabulous neighbor (and more importantly, friend) was unloading mountains of inspirational info — books I HAD TO READ and blogs I HAD TO FOLLOW. She told me about Kris Carr, Danielle LaPorte, and a bunch of other women whose names I can't remember ("Send me a list in an email, Heather." I asked her, since that's the only way I can remember things for other people these days — shameful.) Anyway, inspiration flying at me and then we agreed....

We both love it when people are completely open, vulnerable, and raw. None of this superficial "I'm fine" stuff, or just talking about the facts and figures of life and business. We want to hear about peoples problems, messy feelings, and deepest desires. We admire people most when we hear about their fears and what them overcome them. People who magically have it all together are boring & unrelatable (is that a word?).

I have always loved wearing my heart of my sleeve — being totally open, sharing almost everything with almost anybody. When I don't spill my guts I feel stifled. It's not for everybody perhaps but it's the  only way I want to live. I don't see benefit of hiding anything inside and every time I share freely I'm reminded of how beautiful it is when we, as humans, share life together and support one another by revealing our truest selves. Unsurprisingly...sometimes I may share a little too much ;)

I want to do that more on my blog. From here on out, I'm going to start exposing more of my weaknesses, struggles, fears, desires, failures and all that other stuff that seems so terrible until we get it out in the open and we see it for what it really is. 

Here's a "charming" analogy for you.... These emotions are just like sperm. Inside the body it has incredible potential (for good or evil) but kept inside it can drive a man crazy. Outside of the body, it dies a quick death and becomes harmless OR when shared with another person it has the ability to grow into a little miracle of new life! (Gorgeous little allegory eh?  lol — its the first thing I thought of and I don't have time to sit around all evening and think of an alternative one — I'm open to suggestions :P)  

So that's it. It started with chocolate muffins, moved on to a decision to personalise it up, and finished with a sperm analogy! lol Have a wonderful day!