Monday, February 11, 2013

Struggling to Speak :: Tongue Tied & Twisted

Lately I've started sucking at speaking. Women speak an average of 12,000 words each day, or something crazy like that) & I must be exceeding my limit because these days I'm tongue-tied,  running out of words & staring all too often at the ceiling, hoping it will magically deliver all the words I'm searching for. I loose my train of thought every few sentences or I watch that train zoom down the tracks at an uncontrollable speed. Maybe soon, I'll have to resort to grunts and nods. 

To be honest, I think my tongue-tied-ness is largely due to fatigue. I've been rather self-abusive for the sake of work over the past couple weeks — too many photo shoots booked, piles of photos-to-be-edited stacking up on my desktop, tea dates, too many computer waves, forgetting to eat my vegetables, avoiding the gym, & late nights watching "Once Upon a Time" (if you aren't watching this show already, you should be because it's da bomb).

I think I'll pack up my girly briefcase now and drive over to grandma's house. She'll feed me some eggs & baked beans while I sit at her dining room table and edit more photos! When I'm sick of Photoshop for the day, we'll watch some Glee (I've got her hooked! haha) and then she'll feed me some more LOL

Have a wonderful day and good luck with this challenging work-life balance business.