Friday, January 10, 2014

Three Generations of Men in a Women's Portrait Studio

Earlier this year, I photographed my brother, dad & grandfather. I was in Seattle at my parents house and my grandfather was visiting us from England for a few weeks. I'd been photographing multiple generations of women a lot at that time and we realized that when you have multiple generations gathered together it is important to make sure you put the camera to use. Don't miss out on these fleeting opportunities to photograph families together. The men didn't take much convincing but they also didn't exactly skip into the studio with pigtails and balloons. The three of them sat on the couch, staring at me, wondering what to do. I had no idea what to do with three men. They were after all sitting in the middle of a women's portrait studio. I had one vision in mind — I wanted them all dressed in handsome black suits with white shirts. It was important to the three of them to be photographed together in their cricket sweaters. So we did both. I pulled out my black backgrounds and grabbed a swiveling piano stool. The men were wandering around the studio trying to tuck in their shirts, fasten ties, and pull on socks — we photographed them in socks, no shoes, because I knew I'd be cropping off their feet. ha! There was a lot of joking around but in the end we managed to woe out their inner supermodels.


Thank you so much you three for putting up with me and my 'creative vision'. I'm so happy you like your images and I'm thrilled that you've had them printed and framed! Now we can enjoy them forever with wonderful peace of mind!