Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Appreciating My Commute & Contagious Smiles

My favorite part of my day is my commute. Not something you normally hear people say, right? But it is. I live in Maui and I spend most of my time behind a computer or asleep in a little studio without a view. But when I'm commuting to work or to photo shoots, I'm breezing along in my convertible with the Hawaiian sunshine above me (and sometimes the Hawaiian tropical rainstorms drenching me until I'm sitting in a puddle. I love the breeze in my face and looking up at the palm trees that line the sides of the road. I can listen to music or audiobooks and lately I've enjoying silence. It's my time to be quiet and think. I have beautiful views of the island as I zoom around and I'm usually out driving just after sunrise and before sunset so the colors in the sky are beautiful. 

Tonight, on my drive home from work (in silence with my head full of thoughts) I was behind a big pick up truck. In the back of the truck, two women were riding together and chatting the whole way from Wailuku to Kihei. The closer we got to my street, the more they laughed. They were smiling and gesturing to each other in a way that made me think they were teasing each other. Because of those two ladies who were enjoying the company of friendship, I smiled my whole way home. Smiles are contagious. 

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