Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yorkshire Wedding at Danby Castle :: Nick & Fire

Sitting there beneath the castle ruins I imagined all the people that had walked through these rooms hundreds of years ago. I stared down at the oldest known example of a sink with a drain. I laid on the grass as roosters strut by, children chased each other in all directions, and cats swished their tales as they basked in the much appreciated sunshine. Nick and Fire's wedding day in the heart of Yorkshire was such a relaxed day, full of children and laughter. The celebrations began with a traditional English tea party — vintage cucumber sandwiches all the way! Their outdoor ceremony was joined by a downpour of rain (perfectly timed of course — the thunder clapped and raindrops began to fall right after the celebrant read the verse about nature and rain!) and they danced the night away with a ceilidh.
Fire's wedding dress was designed by Jane Bourvis in Portobello, London and I really don't need to say that it was stunning (it speaks for itself) but IT WAS STUNNING! It was made of small bits of vintage fabrics saved from the 1800's and 1920's. How incredible is that?! She looked like she belonged in that castle. 
Up inside the castle throne room I found Fire and her mother. The wedding dress was slipping over Fire's head and her mom (who was helping her to dress) was struggling to figure out which way was up. On her first attempt, the train ended up in the front. ha! Five minutes later, in walked the best friends and Fire was being tugged, tucked and lifted — hands coming at her from all directions. 
The Father of the Bride.... (waiting) 
With such gorgeous red hair, no wonder she has the nickname "Fire". 
I'm still in love with these delicate details of Fire's dress. GoRG!!!!
Before the guests arrived I snuck into the vintage tea party marquee. Bunting and 100 teacups — so many of my girlfriends would walk into this room and instantly feel like they'd died and gone to heaven — it was the epitome of a British summer afternoon. High tea is Fire's favourite British tradition so that was the perfect touch to their day.
When the guests started to arrive the kids were EVERYWHERE bringing so much laughter and joy to the day. I love photographing children because they're so playful and pull such great faces.
The little munchin on the left side was cute but let me tell you about the other two — this little girl and the boy in the middle have been inseparable since he was  about 18 months  old.  They ran around together holding hands, hugging and dancing — my secret wish is that someday they get married and I can be their photographer!
Oh the years without teeth — how I seriously don't miss you! :P I love seeing women of different generations together — especially when they're laughing like this. It makes me so happy.
And then it was time for the ceremony. The violin began to play (with the help of some little hands) and the guests gathered round into a circle. Nick & Fire had a humanist ceremony that included hand-fasting! It was the first time I'd witnessed a hand-fasting ceremony.
Instead of a guest book, Nick & Fire had their guests signing the backs of puzzle pieces. When the puzzle is all assembled it mades a big wooden tree that will hang in their living room!
Every party needs a princess dress!!!!
To see more of Fire & Nick's wedding check out their slideshow below....

Fire & Nick :: Thank you so much for including me in your day. I loved meeting your families and being surrounded by the countryside left me feeling so happy and refreshed. Your day was so full of special details and reminded me in many ways of my own wedding. I hope your wedding celebrations in America go splendidly! 
PS: That little hole in the wall is the oldest known example of a sink with a drain — at least in England if not further afield. How cool is that?!?!

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  1. Really like the venue of the wedding ceremony.. The place looks so calm and quiet.


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