Sunday, June 1, 2014

{Grateful On Sunday} Joyrides, Turquoise and Selfies

Today, I went to the river with my friends Hanna and Cheryl. We took photos of each other (we all needed new headshots). When we were at the river, this little rubber boat with three young guys floated on by us. Of course, the boys shouted out and asked us to join them — ha! An hour or so later, we were sitting 10 miles away at a riverside Mexican restaurant having dinner. I looked out at the view and low and behold, a little rubber boat with three boys was floating by. Oh, and did I mention that while we were walking at the river, we passed by a couple who were getting their portraits taken? Because while we were eating dinner, they also walked by the building we were in. Crazy coincidence? Sometimes the world is a funny place. Thank you so much Cheryl & Hanna for all your funny stories and words of wisdom. I love you girls and I am grateful for you both.

Today I am also grateful for my parent's new hot tub,

 joyrides with Miggy,

 a BBQ with Hanna & Cheryl's families + amazing fried onions (thank you Cheryl),

my funny little cat,

my attempt at food photography that I'm still pretty chuffed about,

 the ability to take selfies,

 my turquoise jewelry collection,

 all the pretty little buttercups outside,

 spending hours at a bookstore,

 books with beautiful covers,

 all the beautiful turquoise jewelry at World Market (I just wish I wore necklaces)

 all the turquoise earrings at World Market (now we're talkin' — come to mamma!)

 celebrating my 1/2 birthday! I'm 25.5 now!

sunset joyrides with Miggy,

 the beautiful views of the Cascade Mountains from the Snoqualmie Valley,

recording inspiring interviews for thePhotoChicks podcast,

my car rolled down a hill (accidentally) and didn't hit anything AND stopped before the trees! hallelujah!

 all the beautiful peonies,

 adorable packaging,

blue skies,

 photo shoots on sunny days with friends,

 when the city spends money on beautiful flowers,

 this view from a special little place in the valley,

 and the fact Miggy stopped the car so I could take that picture,

 oh and did I mention joyrides through the forest with Miggy,

 and the view when I look up from our convertible (I love being under trees!) 

all the old barns we pass,

and feeling happy when I look at all these pictures. :D

What are you grateful for today?