Sunday, June 15, 2014

{Grateful on Sunday} Hot Tubs, Card Games and Mandalas

This week the rain came back to Seattle after many weeks of glorious sunshine. I can't lie though, I'm loving it! I love the refreshing variety and the cozy days and the log fires and hot tubs with rain drizzling on my shoulders and face (keeping me from over heating). I have had such a crazy busy two weeks full of photo shoots and a wedding and now, for the rest of June, I get to enjoy some peace and quiet. I get to take a little break from shooting, focus on the business admin, read some books, do some yoga, go to a new book-club meeting and reassess what I'm doing, how things are going and where I want things to head from here on out. So nice. So many ideas have been flying through my head and I am so grateful for this quiet time to be able to sort it all out. 

This week I am grateful for experiencing my first Persian wedding, 

a midnight dip in the hot tub after a long wedding day, 

inspiration from a photography friend, 

playing cards with grandma and Miggy, 

and WINNING! (heck yes!)

when Cara sleeps in funny positions, 

tasty Irish bread that was kind of squishy, 

the beauty of Skype, 

reading a book that takes place on my home turf so I get to relate to all the local mentions,

whoever drew this and published it on the internet, 

midnight snack with lots of honey mustard, 

one of the most beautiful peaceful early mornings, 

celebrating my grandma's 91st birthday! (and my grandma!)

injecting health into my life, 

all the lessons I'm learning from drawing mandalas, 

soaking in the hot tub for probably 2 hours this morning and feeling fantastic afterwards. 

What are you grateful for today?