Sunday, June 8, 2014

{Grateful on Sunday} BackUp your iPhone and iPhoto Photos

What!? An error message from iPhoto — the most simple reliable little Mac program. I've never had trouble with it and then this morning as I cozied up on the couch to write my 'Grateful on Sunday' post (which requires importing photos from my iPhone via iPhoto) it crashed. Eventually, I figured out how to rebuild the whole library BUT all my photos from this past week were lost and I hadn't saved them to my computer yet. Originally, I thought ALL the photos were lost. So only loosing 1 week really ain't so bad.

Even though I lost 1 week of photos, when that error message popped up, I wasn't sweatin' and you know why? Because every Saturday, I upload my iPhone photos to iPhoto and then I drag the photos from iPhoto into an "iPhotos" folder that I have on my desktop. I have a different iPhotos folder for every month. So it looks like this:

          iPhotos 2014
               iPhotos January 2014
               iPhotos February 2014 

I back this folder up onto my other hard drives every month. My next project is to upload my iPhone photos to my cloud storage. After that, I'm going to get them printed into cute little albums. So, as you can see, backing up photos regularly on different devices and getting them printed means that when that pesky error message pops up, your heart doesn't panic. In fact, your heart can rejoice and celebrate because you've got your own back!

This Sunday I have no photos to show but I am so grateful for my backup system!

Have a wonderful weekend!