Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Almost Ready to Rent a Photography Studio .... but Not

The brick walls and the wood floors are where it's at. I need a big window with lots of beautiful light and it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a lovely view. I'm keepin' my eyes peeled for a studio space to run my photography business(es) and grrr what a challenge. Every other night I lie in bed for 30 minutes scrolling through Craigslist and Loopnet — seein' what's out there. With the right budget, I could have my pick but my budget is incy-wincy. To be in the city or not to be in the city — what a frustrating question!! Shall I have a small space that is only for meeting clients or a space that has room for shooting women too? Shall I sign a contract or go month to month? Will I make enough money to pay for the studio AND the bills? Will it pay for itself or ruin me? I can find spots that are the right price but they definitely don't have the right vibe. I've discovered a couple sweet places I'd love and their pricing is tempting but a little uncomfortable — eeek.  So many factors. I guess I'm not really ready yet, then huh? Sort out your life, Chamonix! Get it together. lol That's what I'm saying to myself tonight as I lie on the couch in my parent's living room, feet propped up on a soft blanket, aching after a long day at a wedding, my hairs up in a towel and I'm in my PJs, wondering when the time will come that I shall find and adopt a beautiful little studio of my own. One day......

Thank you Pinterest for my day dreaming inspiration: