Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to Export Photos Out of Lightroom with Different File Names & Rename Files After Export

One of my favorite things about having wonderful photographers who are part of the Happy Film Company team is that they send me questions. I love questions because I love teaching photography and questions give me inspiration for new material. Like this little video I made last night on special request for one of the girls. Her question was how to export files from Lightroom and give them different names. Now, there is a fantastic chance I've totally misinterpreted her question and I'm about to take you guys on a 4.5 minute rabbit chase down a very unhelpful hole. But fingers-crossed, I got it right and this video will answer this question for everyone out there who is wondering.

How do I rename photos when I export photos from Lightroom?

Oh, you're not going to believe this. After writing the paragraph above, I double checked the text messages on my phone and realized that she was totally asking me a different question. So I guess I jinxed myself. haha After reconsideration, I think this is the question she was asking...

How do I rename files AFTER I've exported them from Lightroom?

haha If I still haven't gotten the question right, please try asking me again Miss. V. ;)