Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blogging Tips for Photographers 101: Challenges of Blogging (Part 1)

At the end of 2013, I told you I was going to be writing a "Blogging Tips for Photographers 101" series. I surveyed all of wonderful social media followers and asked you questions like, "What is the most difficult thing about blogging?" I analyzed your responses and created a series of blog posts designed to answer all your questions directly! This blog series is for you, my dear friends in the blogosphere, to help you improve your blogging strategies. I promised to deliver the series in January 2014 and it looks like that age old saying "better late than never" is going to jump out of my back pocket today. Lately, I'm in need of my own blogging advice haha. I've been terrible at blogging recently. I'm finding it so difficult to keep up simply because I'm working 40 hours at someone else's photography studio and when I get home I don't have internet and often the last thing I was to do is spend more time on the computer. I'm starting to appreciate why lots of people feel like they don't have time to blog. So, enough chit chat, are you ready to dive into 'Blogging Tips for Photographers 101"? Woopwoop!! 

During my market research, I asked people:
"What are the biggest challenge of blogging?" 
"What would make blogging easier for you?" 
"What do like/dislike about blogging?"

I saw the same questions/answers popping up again and again. 
So, I divided them into three categories:

MARKETING questions
How do I get people to follow my blog?
Keywords & SEO Stuff — It's so Boring, How do I Learn All About It?
How do I turn readers into clients?

CONTENT questions
How do I write interesting content?
How do I come up with new blog ideas & content?
How to find the balance between professional & personal?
How to choose which photos to include?

ADMIN questions
How do I find the time to blog?
How often should I blog?
How do I create a blogging schedule?
How do I design a blog I love?

My answers to these questions and more blogging tips are headed your way.
New episodes of "Blogging Tips for Photographers 101" will publish every other Tuesday (starting now).
Next time, we'll be tackling the big boy... SEO!! See you in two weeks!

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