Thursday, November 27, 2014

{Grateful on Sunday} Thanksgiving, Bday Treats and Gold Sunshine

i woke up on this beautiful 26th birthday of mine to my husband creeping into our bedroom carrying a starbucks red cup filled with gingerbread latte! i seriously LOVE it when he wakes up before me (and brings me treats in bed) haha. so that was a great start to a thankful weekend. every 7 years my birthday falls on thanksgiving which means i get to eat pumpkin pie AND carrot cake (my fav). im a lucky girl. its not sunday but i shall celebrate my gratitude early in honor of this wonderful double holiday. today i am grateful for....

colorful leaves
late night dates w/ miggy getting starbucks and walking in the valley

when the sunshine makes the leaves look golden

cozy pillows

when the sun turns the clouds golden

improving my crow pose

discovering an awesome view of seattle

funky packaging

 my cat who loves hiding in the cupboards

waking up to sunshine

when miggy surprises me with flowers

cold blue sky days

firey sunrises

beautiful baked goods


waking up to a surprise gingerbread latte on my birthday by my earlybird husband

gorgeous morning sunlight

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
xoxo Love,