Sunday, May 25, 2014

{Grateful on Sunday} Pink and Orange

During the month of May, I have been working like crazy getting my new business up and running — coming up with new systems, playing catch up with photo editing, practicing taking weekends and trying to settle into my parents home and claim my own cozy space in the basement. I've been stressed and dealing with so many emotions like loneliness, anger and self-doubt but everyday I try to write in my little notebook of gratitude — 5 things I'm grateful for each day. It always makes a little difference. I look forward to Sundays for the same reason...I get to reflect on what I'm grateful for... in pictures. :)

This month I am grateful for being reunited with friends,

looking up at beautiful trees, 

lots of photo shoots (and looking orange haha),

my wonderful new photographer friends who are helping me capture the beautiful families of Seattle,

treating myself to Starbucks Frappuccinos when I'm having a tough day,

seeing the mountains and forests wherever I drive, 

getting letters in the mail from my wonderful friends,

starting up my yoga practice again - after a long spell of neglect,

discovering locally produced veggie seeds, 

the Seattle skyline,

finding pink and orange (my company colors) throughout the world — I flippin' love it!

my friend Naomi helped me fall in love with Sushi when I lived in Hawaii and now I think of her every time I see sushi in the shop,

editing family videos that make me feel happy, 

finding my favorite book in the thrift store, 

my fabulously cute new system for organizing my memory cards (I'm loving it! hehe),

walks with the family by the river, 

my handmade log raised-bed in my veggie garden,

the view from my veggie patch of my parents house, 

watching my baby cucumbers emerge into the world, 

pink nail polish!

more happy orange and pink in the supermarket!

driving our red convertible and thinking of Hawaii when I see our license plates, 

flowers on the deck, 

hello! :) — I thought I'd just throw my face into the mix to say aloha!! 

What are you grateful for this week?
~ xoxo Chamonix