Friday, September 2, 2011

The Loveducks' Mascots

This afternoon I hopped on my bike and cycled down to the post office to pick up a package that was waiting for me there. I was expecting it to be the camera lens that I ordered last weekend but it turned out to be the pair of rubber duckies that I had ordered and forgotten about. The box containing the 'lens' was exceptionally small and light but I didn't think anything of it. At first I was disappointed because I was really looking forward to playing with the new lens today BUT then I saw the cute little faces on these ducks and everything was good again. 

Now these aren't your classic rubber ducks...they're even better! Most bath ducks are made of toxic PVC (yuck) but these cuties are made from the common rubber tree (known as Hevea brasiliensis). Natural rubber can be sustainably harvested without the use of herbicides! To harvest the natural latex rubber one taps into the sap, or milk, of the rubber tree.

Why, you ask, have I purchased two natural rubber ducks?
Funny you should ask because I was just going to mention that they have been hired as our new mascots! 

I still need to think of names for each of them but for now we have Loveduck 1 and Loveduck 2 and together they will be the 'face' of Loveducks Photography :) Okay, I'm slightly joking but I fully intend to keep them in my camera bag. Hopefully, you'll get the chance to meet them soon :)

 Quack! Quack!