Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Calton Hill Bridal, Edinburgh {15-8-11}


A couple weeks ago I woke up bright and early and headed up Calton Hill with three lovely ladies. While we got ready the sun was shining and only dog walkers and runners were about. Once Hannah had finished with make we spend the next couple hours playing around in 4 beautiful wedding dresses from Bliss Bridal Studio in Leith, Edinburgh! Three of them were white and one of them was a stunning platinum which I never expected would end up being my favourite. It was so silky and blew around in the wind! I love fabric blowing in the wind (possibly one of my favourite things in life actually). The best part of the shoot was definitely when we were 'attacked' by a herd of Japanese tourist who wanted to join in, taking photos and posing with the models. One little girl came up to Elisabeth and with one creepy little finger, she stroked the dresses and walked away without saying a word! We all stood there partially shocked and extremely amused. It was so funny :)

{Models: Isha Margry + Elisabeth Kjellgren}
{Make-Up: Hannah Rose}